October 2012 Results

The Globe and Mail staff photographer Peter Power was the judge of October's POM contest.


1.   Justin Tang
VANCOUVER, B.C. (25/10/2012) — 92-year-old Ethel Morley celebrates a strike during a Golden Age Bowlers Club tournament at Varsity Ridge Bowling Centre in Vancouver, B.C. The Ridge will be forced to shut its doors in 2013 after the City of Vancouver approved a four story housing development in its place. The bowling alleys owners and its patrons have fought to prevent the demolition of the alley, which has been at the corner of 16th and Arbutus for 62 years and serves some 700 bowlers. Photo by Justin Tang

2. Patrick Callbeck 
HALIFAX, NS (10/25/2012) – Two people jog up Citadel Hill in Halifax, Nova Scotia on October 25th, 2012. Many Haligonians took advantage of the unseasonably warm temperatures and spent the day outside in the city's parks. Photo by Patrick Callbeck
3. Emily Cumming
Toronto, Ont. (10/26/12) Betty Cumming comforts her husband of 61 years Gordon Cumming, who is a sufferer of Alzheimer’s disease. They both live in a retirement community in Toronto where Betty can maintain her independence while Gordon receives full time care for his illness. Photo by Emily Cumming

1.  Tom Hicken

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (17/10/2012) - Paramedics of Hastings-Quinte Emergency Medical Services help an injured man out of his damaged car when it smashed into the rear of a small school bus on Moira Street West in Belleville, Ont. Wednesday Oct. 17, 2012. No one aboard the bus, which was carrying one child, was hurt. The collision closed Moira at Marshall Road for about half an hour. Photo by Tom Hicken.

2.  Julia McKay

KINGSTON, Ont. (18/10/2012) – Firefighters from the Kingston, South Frontenac and Loyalist Township fire departments were called to battle a major blaze at 2415 Hwy 38, just north of Unity Rd after 6p.m. Thursday, Oct 13, 2012. There were no injuries to currently report and the cause of the fire is unknown at this time. Photo by Julia McKay

3.  Nam Phi Dang 

TORONTO, Ont. (10/20/12) - Demonstrators stand outside Old City Hall advocating pro-woman rights on Saturday, October 20 in Toronto, Ontario. Photo by Nam Phi Dang.


1.   Duncan Brenner 
TRENTON, Ont. (08/10/2012) - Leigh Johnson, a single mother and Air Force administrator seen here in her house on Canadian Forces Base Trenton in Trenton, Ontario, on October 8, 2012. Johnson often posts personal ads on craigslist looking for anonymous sex. Thousands of Canadians post similar ads on Craigslist's casual encounters personals looking for various forms of casual sex. The anonymity of Craigslist allows individuals to connect with others with similar fetishes and desires without judgment, or social repercussions of a perceived deviance. Photo by Duncan Brenner

2. Marta Iwanek
TRENTON, Ont. (20/10/2012) - Lex Duncan helps feed his wife Mary Duncan on her birthday on October 20, 2012. He is caring for his wife, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2008, in their Trenton home. Photo by Marta Iwanek.
3. Marta Iwanek

TRENTON, Ont. (31/10/2012) - Lex Duncan thinks of the measurements for a chair he is building to help move his wife around the house. Her legs have recently been giving out and he finds it difficult to support her sometimes, so he feels this is the solution to prevent any falls. Duncan is caring for his wife Mary Duncan in their Trenton home. Mary Duncan was diagnosed with dementia in 2008. Photo by Marta Iwanek.

H.M. Marta Iwanek

PICTON, Ont. (27/10/2012) - Shirley Sheady, 77, and Russ Burrows, 91, share a kiss at their wedding reception at the Royal Canadian Legion in Picton, Ontario. The two had known each other for 47 years, but only started dating in June of this year, long after their previous spouses had passed. Burrows is a WWII veteran who was part of the Dieppe Raid and was taken POW for two years. About their love, Sheady says, “When you get to the age we are now, it’s a lot more special because you know what you’ve got." Photo by Marta Iwanek.


1.   Justin Tang
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (05/10/2012) —Moira Trojans tailback Joey Thompson cries out in pain after being brought down by the Trenton Tigers. The two teams faced off as part of the Bay of Quinte football league's Friday Night Lights at Mary Ann Sills Park on Friday Oct. 5, 2012. The Trojans crushed the Tigers 40-0. Photo by Justin Tang

2. Sarah Vissers 

TORONTO, Ont. (06/10/12)--Maicon Santos and Andy Najar from D.C. United celebrate the goal by Hamdi Salihi against Toronto FC. Reggie Lambe of TFC lays down in defeat. It was the only goal of the game from either team and was scored in the 88th minute. Photo by Sarah Vissers.

3. Justin Tang

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (13/10/2012) — Belleville Bulls centre Garrett Hooey gets upended after a collision with Oshawa Generals defence Matt Petgrave as the two teams faced off in OHL action on Saturday Oct. 13, 2012. The Bulls beat the Generals 4-1 at home at the Yardmen Arena in Belleville, Ont. Photo by Justin Tang


1. Justin Tang

2. Marta Iwanek

3. Julia McKay

Judge's Comments:

Just a few overall comments.

I was surprised at the lack of entries. At this level, students should be shooting much, much more. I encourage you all to embrace the opportunity to make images at every possible occasion.

Many people so not believe in contests, but think of them, and their results as currency. it doesn't matter if you never enter another contest in your life, but right now, this contest gets your name out there, gets your images seen, and a good showing will be a definite plus on what will certainly be limited resumes.

Those who are participating deserve to be congratulated. Those of you who are not, for whatever reason, should be encouraged to. classmates should be encouraging one another, because a friendly competition among peers can do wonders for to motivate some, and teach others.

Points awarded

325 - Justin Tang
135 - Marta Iwanek
100 - Duncan Brenner
100 - Tom Hicken
75 - Julia McKay
50 - Patrick Callbeck
50 - Sarah Vissers
25 - Emily Cumming
25 - Nam Phi Dang