November Results for P.O.M.

The November edition of Photo of the Month was judged by former Montreal Gazette photo editor Marcos Townsend. 


1. FEAnovAPR1

TORONTO, Ont. (03/11/17) - The moon rises over Toronto on November 3. Photo by Andrew Ryan


BELLEVILLE, ONT (11/28/17) — Charlene Mcintee stands in the doorway of her late sons bedroom. Her son, Thomas Martin passed away on Feb. 29, 2016 after a long fight with Gliomatosis Cerebri, a rare form of brain cancer. Thomas was first diagnosed in 2014 after a seizure sent him to hospital. On average, 1,000 children a year are diagnosed with cancer in Canada. Of these, 100 will not survive. The families of these children are often critical of the pharmaceutical industry that directs less than five percent of funding towards childhood cancer research. Photo by Yader Guzman

3. FEAnovAPR2

BELLVILLE, Ont. (16/11/17) - Royden Baker and Sylvia French participate in the Quinte Ballet School's Dancing with Parkinson's class. The class helps to alleviate some symptoms of Parkinson's disease and promote mobility. Photo by Andrew Ryan


First - An evocative sunrise photo that illustrates a strong sense of colour, exposure and composition. The CN Tower nicely balances the moon. The rule of thirds is also well applied in this image.

Second - A poignant moment, nice composition, and--to illustrate Thomas's various interests--appropriately tight framing on the wall and door elements.

Third - When presented with the few elements in this obviously sparse room the photographer took care to place those elements across the frame in a way that gives the viewer a sense of the moment. It might have been difficult to work any more subjects into the frame.


1. NEWnovAXI1

OTTAWA, Ont. (11/11/17) — Diane Abel, the 2017 Canadian Silver Cross Mother, weeps during the Remembrance Day Ceremony on Nov. 11, 2017 in Ottawa, Ont. Her son, Cpl. Micheal David Abel, died in an accident Somalia in 1993. Photo by Andrej Ivanov

2. NEWnovAXI2

OTTAWA, Ont. (11/11/17) — People lay poppies at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Ottawa's War Memorial on Nov. 11, 2017. Hundreds gathered on the cold Saturday morning to commemorate war veterans who have died in the line of duty. Photo by Andrej Ivanov

3. NEWnovAPR3

TORONTO, Ont. (17/11/17) - Anthony Wilson places flowers in a makeshift memorial to his late-wife who died of an overdose in Moss park. Wilson said "The funny thing is she wasn't into drugs at all before she started on prescription pills". Photo by Andrew Ryan


MONTREAL, Que. (11/12/17) — A child reaches for the balloon she let go of during an anti-hate march in Montreal, Que. on Nov. 12, 2017. Photo by Andrej Ivanov

First -  Abel's break from the rigid postures and distant looks of those around her is complete enough to make her stand out and the composition is loose enough to give the viewer a clear context without being so loose as to distract from Abel's emotion. 

Second - One of the rarer occasions when cropping most of the people in a photo off at the neck still works. The women at left and centre, the capped soldier and the poppies in focus on the statue create a clear oblong that keeps one's eye circulating in the image. The shallow focus helps the keep the non-essential elements of the crowd out of mind. 

Third - It might have been good to see a moment before or after since Wilson's expression is hard to read in this moment and emotion's the overriding element in this situation. Perhaps it wouldn't have worked for this photo, but sometimes the action of turning to or from an act makes a more engaging photo than capturing the act itself. Perhaps capturing Wilson as he turned away from the memorial or paused after placing the flower could have worked. 

HM - Though the main elements (the child and the balloon) are no quite enough to have a strong impact on the photo, the photographer deserves kudos for trying to get something different. 


1. SPTnovSDS2

Belleville, Ont. (29/11/17) – Belleville Senators center Max Reinhart fights for position in front of the Laval Rockets goal during a home game. The Senators went on to win the game 3-2 in overtime. Photo by Sasha Sefter

2. SPTnovAXI1

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (11/01/17) — Belleville Senators Rightwing Ben Sexton, 26, throws a punch at Syracuse Crunch Defensemen Daniel Walcott, 85, during the B. Sens first home game in Belleville, Ont. on Nov. 1, 2017. The newest AHL team beat the Crunch 4-3 in a 2nd overtime shootout. Photo by Andrej Ivanov

3. SPTnovAPR1

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (01/11/17) - Belleville Senators right wing Tyler Randall escapes the Senators' defensive zone with Syracuse Crunch's Cory Conacher on his heels in Belleville's first home game of the season. Photo by Andrew Ryan


Peterborough, Ont. (04/11/17) – Rachelle Mannete and Kiersten Bennette celebrate after placing third in the OCAA Women's 7's rugby tournament in Peterborough. Photo by Sasha Sefter


First - Good timing and though composition in sports is somewhat dependent on forethought about your shooting position, cropping also plays a part. The picture was well executed on both counts.

Second - Nice level of awareness on the photographers part to be in the mix and capture Secton's punch and the grimace on Walcott's face. The referee's hand coming through is a welcome element.

Third - Good sports photos are about riming and peak action. I would have liked to see the next frame when one of their sticks might have been on the puck, but the Crunch's Conacher body position and focus - also reflected by the faces in the crowd - are what make this photo.

HM - Nice composition and subject isolation. Though they're not posing for the photographer, it is still a posed photo which works against it as a sports photo in this photo contest. 


1. PRTnovAPR1

KINGSTON, Ont. (29/11/17) -- Ashleigh Rider waits for her daughter Chloee, 9, after school in Kingston. The two were separated after Rider entered a drug rehabilitation centre. Rider's recovery from substance abuse might have been quicker had rehabilitation centres accommodated mothers with children. The proposed Kingston House of Recovery for Women and Children addresses the difficult decision faced by mothers fighting through addiction often have to make. Photo by Andrew Ryan/The Globe and Mail


3. PRTnovAPR2

BRIGHTON, Ont. (19/11/17) - Laura McLean adjusts a bedside memorial photo of her son Jessie Borris at her home in Brighton. Jessie died of an overdose in 2014 which spurred McLean to open a transition home honouring his memory. Photo by Andrew Ryan


TORONTO, Ont. (02/11/17) — A woman in calavera makeup poses for an image at the Día de muertos (Day of the dead) celebration in Toronto's Harbourfront Centre. The Day of the dead is a holiday celebrated on Nov. 2 in Mexico to commemorate friends and family who have died, as well as a time to gather, pray and celebrate. Photo by Andrej Ivanov


First - Though there's not a lot to read into the subjects emotion, but the exposure uses the light and sadow very well. It draws one's attention to Ashleigh's choice of brightly coloured clothes for the park, and the mic of closed and open postures (watchful eyes, arms crossed possibly against the cold, etc.) That the sole of her boot is illuminated is a nice incidental touch. The composition with the playground objects, the bench, the house and even the curving slide returning attention to the centre of the image are nice.

Second - The photo conveys both emotion and nicely illustrates suggests the ambiance. It would have been good to capture more visual detail of Rushnell's face, but the surroundings draw the viewer into the image. This makes the viewer linger and perhaps consider what goes through Rushnell's mind as he works.

Third - Most of the character insight comes from the incidental items in McLean's room. Considering the circumstances it is fitting that her face is obscured by smoke. 

HM - The photo is striking though, if the subject weren't wearing makeup the picture would be much less remarkable. This would score higher if it related something about the subject bu illustrating one of their actions. 


1. MPXnovAPR1


Andrew Ryan +400
Andrej Ivanov +220
Sasha Sefter +110
Yader Guzman +50

Amy Walton +50

Andrew Ryan -          1610
Andrej Ivanov -          505
Yader Guzman -         360
Vanessa Tignanelli -   200
Sasha Sefter -             135
Mari Huramoto -         50
Amy Walton -              75

Points are awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Honourable Mentions.
1st place - 100
2nd place - 50
3d place - 25
HM - 10

October Results for P.O.M.

The October edition of Photo of the Month was judged by True North Photo Journal founder and Editor in Chief Cody Punter. 


1. FEAoctAPR3

TORONTO, Ont. (06/10/17) - Tim Evans eats breakfast while two other residents of the transition home play fight. Amongst the challenges of running the house is dealing with the many personalities that are forced together under one roof. Photo by Andrew Ryan


NORTH BAY, Ont. (14/10/17) - Teammates clap for the exhausted winner of the women's dead lift competition. Summary: The CrossFit Festivus Games “For the Rest of Us" event hosted by Crossfit 705 in North Bay, Ont. on October 14, 2017. Over 60 athletes from North Bay, Sturgeon Falls, Huntsville, Sudbury and Woodbridge participated in the annual event, competing in teams of two to achieve the best times in weight and cardio repetitions. Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli

3. FEAoctVGT3

NORTH BAY, Ont. (14/10/17) - A man collapses after finishing 50 repetitions of overhead lift. Summary: The CrossFit Festivus Games “For the Rest of Us" event hosted by Crossfit 705 in North Bay, Ont. on October 14, 2017. Over 60 athletes from North Bay, Sturgeon Falls, Huntsville, Sudbury and Woodbridge participated in the annual event, competing in teams of two to achieve the best times in weight and cardio repetitions. Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli


BELLEVILLE, Ont. (21/10/17) - Isiah Turner, left, and his band Into the Light perform for the first time at a halloween party in Belleville. Photo by Andrew Ryan


First - Good composition and lighting. Captures a good contrast in moments.

Second - Strong composition, which tells a straightforward story with tension and emotion.

Third - Simple image that is easy to read and straight to the point.

HM - The composition here is interesting but the light leaves a lot to be desired. Might have considered bumping up the exposure/ISO or using a flash.


1. NEWoctAXI2

TORONTO, Ont. (10/15/17) — Josh Lamers, 23, participates in the Unity Rally Against White Supremacy held in Toronto, Ont. on Oct. 15, 2017. Hundreds of people showed up to Queen’s Park to protest against a rising alt-right movement. Photo by Andrej Ivanov

2. NEWoctAPR2

TORONTO, Ont. (21/10/17) - A counter-protestor is arrested after a fight broke out between the Proud Boys, an alt-right group, and a large group of counter-protestors at Toronto city Hall. The event was organized by the alt-right group to protest the policies of Trudeau's Liberal government. Photo by Andrew Ryan

3. NEWoctAPR1

KINGSTON, Ont. (18/10/17) - Ryan Jones writes in the book setup in Market Square for attendees of the Gord Downie Memorial in Kingston the night of his death. Photo by Andrew Ryan


First - This is a kind of image you see a lot these days. That said this particular one is pulled off really nicely with solid framing and some complimentary colours, in addition to capturing a great moment.  

Second - Great capture that shows good instict in a fast-paced setting. The shot is tight enough to have a strong focal point but at an angle where you get an idea of the setting with the buildings in the background. 

Third - Really strong lighting and simple composition help get straight to the point while also conveying the sense of mourning. Great Shot!


1. SPToctVGT2
NORTH BAY, Ont. (14/10/17) - Mike Bartolucci does as many 95-pound shoulder to overhead presses as he can  at the CrossFit Festivus Games “For the Rest of Us" event, hosted by Crossfit 705 in North Bay, Ont. on October 14, 2017. His partner does a bar hang until Bartolucci needs to switch. Each team has 9 minutes to complete as many push presses as possible. Over 60 athletes from North Bay, Sturgeon Falls, Huntsville, Sudbury and Woodbridge participated in the annual event, competing in teams of two to achieve the best times in weight and cardio repetitions. Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli 

2. SPToctYAG6

BELLEVILLE, ONT (10/06/17) — Brennan Spencer of the Loyalist Lancers Mens Rugby team take a drink of water during a time out during the teams home game against the St. Lawrence Vikings. The Lancers lost the game 36 to 13. Photo: Yader Guzman

3. SPTsepSDS2

Belleville, Ont. (21/10/17) – Outside hitter Sara Piana-Yafu of the Loyalist Lancers volleyball team smashes a point past the Georgian Grizzles defence during their first game of the season in Belleville. The Lancers won the match and will look to continue their streak next week against the Seneca Sting. Photo by Sasha Sefter


First - Very strong composition and great moment.

Second - Good moment which shows intensity with the grass on the face and the water rolling down the chin.

Third - Captures an important part of the game but could be a technically stronger shot.


1. PRToctAPR1

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (18/10/17) - After being trapped in a hospital during the 2015 earthquake in Nepal Jill Widdifield turned to alcohol to fight through the pain and PTSD from the carnage she was subjected to. Her alcoholism eventually left her estranged from her family who, after holding an intervention, sent Jill to a rehab facility. When she was released, she said she had no where else to go in Ottawa and had to move to Belleville. Photo by Andrew Ryan


BELLEVILLE, Ont. (24/10/17) - Jeremey Donnelly arrived at the transition home after being released from rehab. Donnelly suffers from mental illness and left the transition home three days later after relapsing. Photo by Andrew Ryan

3. PRToctAPR2

TORONTO, Ont. (10/10/17) - Tim Evans gets food from the cellar of Jessie's House. Evan's used to be locked in a basement as a child and has spent the past 27 years in and out of jail and is a survivor of Ontario's training school system, where he says he was tied to a chair while employees fired orange hockey balls at him.  Photo by Andrew Ryan


First - This is a very strong portrait. Nicely lit and well composed with the mirror by the window. The words on the mirror help make it more intense.

Second - This shot has unusual framing, and lots of negative space, but given the subject matter I think it really works. I especially like how the vertical space has been divided into three parts. It may be a bit wide and unconventional for a standard newspaper portrait but I don't think that takes away from the picture.

Third - Great lighting and composition, which captures the mood and context for the picture. 


1. MPXoctYAG5





First - Strong selection of shots, although the edit could have had better flow. Series would have also benefited from a strong wide shot of a car drifting.

Second - Tight edit. Strong pictures but could have used a bit more variety. Could have really used some wide shots that show just how many motorcycles were in town.

Third - Good variety in the shots, with nice framing. Edit could be a little tighter with some shots being repetitive.

HM - This series of pictures did not add anything to one another. It consisted of five shots, taken from almost the same place in the same room but showing different details. Next time consider moving your feet a bit more and flesh out the story a little more.


Andrew Ryan +360
Yader Guzman +200
Vanessa Tignanelli +200
Andrej Ivanov +110
Sasha Sefter +25

Andrew Ryan -         1210
Yader Guzman -        310
Vanessa Tignanelli -  200
Andrej Ivanov -         285
Sasha Sefter -             25
Mari Huramoto -        50
Amy Walton -            25

Points are awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Honourable Mentions.
1st place - 100
2nd place - 50
3d place - 25
HM - 10