Photo of The Month: September

Hey Everyone! We are back after a bit of hiatus. September's Photo of The Month featured entries from both second years and first years. A big thanks to this month's judge Andrej Ivanov! We look forward to seeing what everyone produces this year, thanks to everyone that submitted this month!

--> "Overall, there wasn’t really a whole lot of submissions. For a summer submission, I would have loved to see more, and I am sure a lot of you shot quite a bit, as some of you had placements. Also, no captions, and improper naming. Just things to keep in mind. Furthermore, some of the images could have easily gone into other categories. Some of the feature stuff could have gone into portraits. Finally, I did not give any awards for multiple" - Andrej Ivanov
First Place Winner

Kim Hennigar along with her dog Reveal compete in the Canine Watersports Canada long jump competition. ALEX FILIPE

--> "This was a really clear winner for a feature. The moment is perfect, the framing (and cropping) is lovely. You nailed the dog right as it was about to catch it. Beautifully executed and I would have loved to see more work from this photographer."

Second Place Winner

BELLEVILLE ONT. (09/17/19) ¬¬– Many vintage and classic cars rolled into the A&W parking lot for Belleville’s cruise night on Sept. 17, 2019. Including Stuart, who drives a 1956 Ford Fairlane. The Fairlane was his dads before it became his. By Jessie Munro

"This is a beautiful portrait/feature image. The lighting is really nice, the head is coming out of the car nicely. Just a few things to look out for: he looks like he lost an arm, so just be mindful of how you position your person; also, you could have moved just a tinge to the right, just to get his mouth a bit more. Otherwise, it’s a very well executed photo."

Third Place Winner
BELLEVILLE, ON(21/09/2019)— Firefighter Jim Donovan showing kids Alora Riga and Kaiya Witty how to throw water using hose in Kids fun day event at Belleville Firehouse. The event was held for toy drive charity to help kids who can not  afford toys. Photo by: Gagandeep Sarangal

--> "This is a nice little moment with the kid laughing, however, it’s her eyes that lowered this image in the rankings. They aren’t fully closed nor are they open, and it kind of just looks awkward. Also, I’m not a fan of the cinematic 16:9 cropping that’s going on. Otherwise, the image and moment are very nice!"
Honorable Mention:
Photo by: Cheyenne Smith-Santocono
-->"I would have ranked this one a lot higher if I knew who it was by, and if it had a caption and it wasn’t a raw file. This is a great little feature."


Overall: There was not enough submissions in this category, and I would have loved to see more.

First Place:
Goderich, ON. (06/18/19) Sarah McGregor enjoys a sunset from the dining hall at Camp Menestung over looking Lake Huron. Lake Huron is known for having some of the prettiest sunsets in the world. Photo by Damon MacLean
-->"This is really a clear winner. The lighting is beautiful, the positioning is lovely. Just a small detail: Why are you doing square cropping? This is a question you should ask yourself when you’re cropping. It could have used some breathing room in my opinion."

Second Place:

Goderich, ON. (30/06/19) Brody Vermee enjoys the sunset in anticipation of the Goderich annual fireworks. Vermee was collecting funds for the event, Camp Menestung volunteers every year and receives a portion of the donations for the event. Photo by Damon MacLean
-->"This is a very nice silhouette. Just be mindful of your background, as the trees kind of end up distracting."

Honorable Mention:
Goderich, ON. (23/06/19) Dr. Gezaghn Wordofa also know as Geza, waves to a group of kids leaving the multicultural festival. founded the multicultural association of the Perth Huron region. Photo by Damon MacLean
"This, to me, isn’t really a portrait. A portrait is defined, to my understanding, as a staged image, where there is some form of interaction with the photographer and the photographed. So I am reticent to call this a portrait. But I will give it an HM, as it is a nice image. Next time, consider it for news or feature. I would love to know more about who this guy was and why he is important."