Summer 2014 POM Results

The judge of the Summer 2014 POM was Lars Hagberg, an award-winning independent photojournalist based in Kingston, Ontario. His pictures have appeared in most major daily newspapers in Canada including: the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, the Montreal Gazette, the Vancouver Sun, La Presse, the National Post, the Edmonton Journal, the Ottawa Citizen, and the Calgary Herald. In September, Lars joined the Loyalist photojournalism faculty team.

First Year Results

Photographers - 5

1. Zachary Prong
MONG LA, Myanmar (02/06/14) - Boy Monks clean the Buddhist temple overlooking Mong La, a Burmese town near the Chinese border controlled by the National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA).  The temple was "a gift" from Sai Leun, the leader of the NDAA.  In Burma it is not uncommon for impoverished parents to send there children to monestaries where they will be clothed, fed and educated. Photo by Zachary Prong.
 2. Hannah Lawson
Bukeye, Burundi (May 2014)— The sun sets after a officiated soccer match between my volunteer team and a local girls team, with the addition of a few other locals who wanted in on the action. It was a friendly match with many translated thank-yous and congratulations afterwards, from both sides. Photo by Hannah Lawson
 3. Andrew Johnson
SALVADOR, BA (20/06/14) -- A French fan celebrates his nations' victory during a match against Switzerland at the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador. Despite the bad press concerning the massive expenditure of tax dollars and subsequent protests, the 2014 FIFA World Cup has been hailed as a success. Over one million fans from 202 countries flocked to Brazil over the course of the tournament. Photo by Andrew Johnson

H.M. Hannah Lawson
Edmonton, Alta. (07/06/14)— Eric Hollands embraces a RCMP officer at Edmonton's pride parade. Local police and RCMP made an appearance in order to show acceptance of all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender preference. Photo by Hannah Lawson
1. Andrew Johnson
SALVADOR, BA (16/06/14) -- Fans react to a televised match between the U.S.A. and Ghana at the FIFA Fan Fest in Salvador during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. The U.S. held out for a 2-1 victory, their first win of the tournament.  Photo by Andrew Johnson
2. Andrew Johnson

SALVADOR, BA (17/06/14) -- Fans of the home team watch a televised match apprehensively at the FIFA Fan Fest in Salvador during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Photo by Andrew Johnson

3. Zachary Prong
BELLEVILLE, ONT (09/07/14) - Corey Mathews, age 9, performs a trick at the Belleville skatepark. "I'm not very good yet" said Corey, "but I practice all the time."  Photo by Zachary Prong.
1. Hannah Lawson
EDMONTON, Alta. (26/08/14)— Alexandra Gusse enjoys a chicken burger at The Next Act. In recognition of my departure for school, we share a meal and then wander over to The Pincess Theatre to watch a hauntingly fitting movie called Boyhood. Hannah Lawson

2. Julia Rhebergen
AJAX, Ont. (29/08/14)- Beth Rhebergen steals a kiss while her husband, Peter Rhebergen, smiles for a photo in their Ajax home in late August. The middle-aged couple celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in May, taking a trip to Switzerland during the summer as a treat. Beth is even going so far as to suggest ideas for their fiftieth anniversary. Photo by Julia Rhebergen
1. Andrew Johnson
SALVADOR, BA (20/06/14) -- Members of a K-9 police unit stand guard on the outskirts of a favela (slum) near Salvador's Arena Fonte Nova during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Police and military units from all over the country were called to the host cities in order to ensure order during the tournament in the face of protests in some cities. Photo by Andrew Johnson
 2. Andrew Johnson
SALVADOR, BA (16/06/14) -- Police from Litoral Norte muster near the Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Almost 900 million dollars was spent on security with authorities claiming it to be the "most secure sporting event in history". Photo by Andrew Johnson
3. Andrew Johsnon
SALVADOR, BA (13/06/14) -- A protester holds a placard reading "End the Repression" in the historic Pelorinho district of Salvador during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Many Brazilians demonstrated against what they saw as government missuse of public funds, corruption and advocated better healthcare, education and public transit funding. Photo by Andrew Johnson
1. Zahary Prong

2. Andrew Johnson

3. Nakita Krucker

Points Awarded
400 - Andrew Johnson
225 - Zachary Prong
160 - Hannah Larson
50 - Julia Rhebergen
25 - Nakita Krucker

Second Year Results

Photographers -16

1. Franki Ikeman
OAKVILLE, Ont. (12/07/14) - Rebecca Psiuk runs through the stream of a fire-hose on a very hot Saturday, July 12. Mayflower Blvd hosted its annual street party bringing together members of the community in support of the Fareshare Food Bank. Families from the street enjoyed great weather, food, live music, and lots of activities. Photo by Franki Ikeman.
 2. Franki Ikeman
BURLINGTON, Ont. (18/08/14) - Krista Banik participates in a sunset stand up paddle board yoga class on Burlington's waterfront on Monday, August 18. The yoga classes are hosted by Burlington Beach Rentals located in Burlington Beachway Park. Photo by Franki Ikeman.
3. Andrew Lahodynskyj
BURLINGTON, Ont. (24/08/14) - 2 year old Karam plays with a bubble machine during some live music by Erick Traplin during the Teddy Bear Picnic at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Photo by Andrew Lahodynskyj/Special to Metroland Media Group
H.M. Elaine Bombay
BRANTFORD, Ont. (08/27/2014)--Brantford firefighters take pictures of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds Demonstration Team at the thirteenth annual Rotary Charity Airshow in Brantford on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014.  Over 18,000 people attended the show. Photo by Elaine Bombay
1. Andrew Meade
Metro Mudcats’ pitch to catcher Mitch Hazlett tags out Fredericton Junior Royals’ Nigel Augustine at home plate, Monday night at Royals’ Field. Andrew Meade/The Daily Gleaner
 2. Andrew Lahodynskyj
TORONTO, Ont. (07/05/14) - Toronto Argonauts defensive back Jalil Carter tackles Saskatchewan Roughriders wide receiver Eron Riley during the Argos home opening. The Argos trampled the Roughriders 48-15. Photo by Andrew Lahodynskyj/

3. Amanda Paulhus
Tweed, ON. (02-08-2014) Participants compete in the bull riding competition portion of the 2014 Tweed Stampede. Photo by Amanda Paulhus
H.M. Franki Ikeman
MILTON, Ont. (09/08/14) - Milton's Parwiz Mohibi passes to a teammate during the Ontario Cup U15 boys quarter-finals between Milton and Whitby. Milton defeated Whitby 2-0. Photo by Franki Ikeman/Metroland Media Group
1. Annie Sakkab
COBOURG, Ont. (2014/05/25) Jaqui Manning-Albert out for an evening stroll at the beach in downtown Cobourg. At the age of 77, Jaqui is a dedicated choir singer at various churches, a human rights activist and a lover for road trips.
'Sheilagh's Theme' is a project that looks at the positive side of aging and the vibrancy of older people. When I asked Jaqui what she thinks of dying, she said "it only takes a few hours to be dying, up until that point you are active and you are in the process of living". Photo by Annie Sakkab.
2. Franki Ikeman
BURLINGTON, Ont. (15/06/14) - Tom Bochsler is pictured in his photography studio in Burlington on Tuesday, July 15. Bochsler recently donated 500,000 photo negatives to the Hamilton Public Library. The 82-year-old photographer started his photography career shooting for editorial outlets in Hamilton and later specialized in commercial and industrial photography. Photo by Franki Ikeman
3. Gabrielle Smith
WINDSOR, Ont. (08/14/2014) Rosalie Edwards laughs at the absurdity of her rocket bra as she cosplays the character Tank Girl. Edwards has been making costumes and dressing up as her favourite comic book and anime characters for the past four years. This particular costume is modelled after the title character in the comic "Tank Girl" and took Edwards two months and two hundred dollars to make. Photo by Gabrielle Smith
H.M. Bradley Ruszkowski
Mable Lake, B.C. (16/06/14) At age 13, Justin Noble lost half of his vision, along with two fingers and the tip of his thumb in an untimely explosion involving homemade pyrotechnics. His Ocular Prosthetic (glass eye) has nearly full movements due to the mechanical connection to the optic nerves.  PHOTO: Bradley Ruszkowski
1. Andrew Lahodynskyj
TORONTO, Ont. (18/08/14) - A Toronto Police officer keeps an eye on the growing crowd at a shooting scene at Jane St and Eglinton Ave in Toronto's west end on Monday evening. A call came in around 6:45pm of a double shooting. The passenger was rushed to hospital in critical injury, while the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. Photo by Andrew Lahodynskyj
2. Hannah Eden
DAWSON CITY, YT. (14/06/14) Jar Farr, Deputy Chief Tr'ondek Hwech'in First Nation, releases a mixture of herbs and tobacco into the Yukon River as members of the community unite to pray for the return of the Chinook salmon to its shores. Photo by Hannah Eden
3. Hannah Eden
DAWSON CITY, YT. (24/07/14) Madeline deRepentigny (far right) a representative of the Han singers and dancers, stands around the Sacred Fire at the Opening Ceremony of Moosehide Gathering on Thursday July 24th. Moosehide Gathering, a celebration of song and dance, is in its 12th year and is one of the biggest gatherings of First Nation people in the North. Photo by Hannah Eden
H.M. Franki Ikeman
MILTON, Ont. (21/06/14) - Cooper Cox, 3, sits on the driver's seat of one of the tractors featured in a procession as part of Campbellville's 100th birthday celebrations. The community celebrated its big birthday with a tractor procession, time capsule ceremony, and street party. Photo by Franki Ikeman/Metroland Media Group
1. Bradley Ruszkowski

2. Hannah Eden

3.Annie Sakkab 

With an estimated 120,000 refugees, Zaatari Syrian refugee camp is considered to be the largest camp in the world located just few miles from the Syrian borders. Talking to the families at the camp, all have left Syria fleeing the shelling of the civil war that erupted in 2011. Almost everyone left with nothing thinking they will only be in the camp for few weeks. 2 years after the creation of the camp in 2012, Zaatari has grown into a full blown self-made city to be the 5th largest city in Jordan with all types of businesses that sprung up out of necessity. Upon arrival at the Syrian Jordanian border, refugees are forced to walk for approximately 9 hours in deep sand, mostly at night, to get to the camp leaving behind the few belongings they thought they can physically bring along with them. In a recent report, the UN estimated 6.5 million people have been displaced in Syria, and more than 3 million fled to Jordan and neighbouring counties, almost half the population of the entire Syrian country.

Points Awarded
220 - Franki Ikeman
175 - Andrew Lahodynskyj
135 - Hannah Eden
125 - Annie Sakkab
110 - Bradley Ruszkowski
100 - Andrew Meade
25 - Gabrielle Smith
25 - Amanda Paulhus
10 - Elaine Bombay