NOVEMBER Results for P.O.M

This October POM was judged by Ian Wilms and Marta Iwanek

1. FEANovCGD01
(25/11/2016) BELLEVILLE, Ont. - Andy Wu prepares his lure before casting into the Bay of Quinte on a cold and foggy night at Zwicks Park. Photo: Chris Donovan 2

2. FEANovCGD03
(18/11/2016) PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY, Ont. - Garnet Northey carries two buckets of sweet potatoes from his greenhouse to store them at his home. The 74-year-old rarely visits the grocery store and eats the sweet potatoes he grows on his farm for dinner every night. Photo: Chris Donovan 3 

 3. FEANovAPR1
STIRLING, Ont. (11/23/16) - Marjory Brady walks with the male alpacas to the feeding ground at Amazing Graze Alpacas in Stirling on Nov. 22, 2016. In winter, alpacas will avoid breaking fresh snow causing them to walk in a single file line. Photo by Andrew Ryan 


NEW YORK CITY, NY (11/08/16) - Voters found ways to stay entertained and uplifted during the eight stressful hours awaiting results of the presidential election in Times Square on Nov. 8. These girls would not say which candidate they supported, though this scene felt very much like Trump's America. Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli

Comments: 1st place was immediately obvious. Painterly and timeless. Draws the viewer into the potential narrative. 2nd place is a balanced, artistic composition, with a beautiful colour palette. 3rd, great moment. Very tongue-in-cheek. HM made us laugh instantly, which is why it got the HM. The composition held it back from placing higher. 


TORONTO, Ont. (11/05/16) - Thousands of peaceful protestors marched down University Ave. in Toronto Nov. 5, bringing public awareness to the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline plans to destroy sacred indigenous grounds and add to the planet's drinking water crisis. Some waved blue material while "water is life!" was yelled throughout the streets. The protest aimed to support those on the front lines at Standing Rock in North Dakota, who were facing unwarranted charges in their fight for clean water for future generations. Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli

 TORONTO, Ont. (5/11/16) -  Thousands of peaceful protestors gathered at the reflecting pool beneath freedom arches at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto mid-November, shouting "Water is life!" It is a continuous fight for clean water for future generations. Protests across North America have brought awareness to the plans for the Dakota Access Pipeline to destroy sacred indigenous grounds and add to the planet's current drinking water crisis. Their march down University Ave. aimed to support those on the front lines at Standing Rock in North Dakota, who have been holding their ground in protest since April. Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli

3. NEWnovAPR4
TORONTO, Ont. - Andrea MccAnn travelled from Buffalo, NY to stand against Trump in Toronto, on Nov. 19, 2016. Photo by Andrew Ryan  

HM — NEW YORK, NY (11/08/16) - Jose Cruz rallies for Donald Trump's presidency in New York City on the night of the 2016 election. The small group looped around the Midtown Hilton, the building Trump held his campaign party. Photo by Andrew Ryan

Comments: 1st is beautiful. Nice use of your surroundings to make what could have been a cliche protest scene into an image which delivers the news with artistry. 2nd, intelligent frame, but the tilt hurts it. Seeing City Hall wouldn’t have been so bad. I’m also not into the eye contact. With all this griping, you may think I don’t like this image, but that’s not true. The interaction with the water of the fountain connects this image of the protest with the Standing Rock movement going on in North Dakota. 3rd, there’s a lot of information in this image. I like how the sheet seems somehow sinister. Clean background is a plus. The foreground is distracting, but it’s also part of the story and you’ve managed it well by stopping down a bit. Nice. HM, solid news photograph, nice light and moment, but REALLY needs a crop in order to function. The guy’s face on the right and the mysterious black object/flashing orange hand in the top left hurt this frame. 


KINGSTON, Ont. (11/26/16) - Calgary's Shari Boyle, 46, rests after completing the 10K open women's race at the Cross Country National Championships in Kingston, Ont. last weekend. In 2006, Boyle received a one-year suspension after testing positive for having Ephedrine in her system. Unbeknownst to Boyle, an American version of her favourite tea contained the substance. "Seeing my name written in the context of doping, I was afraid of what other people would think because of it being so public. I had hoped instead that it would shed light on the fact that athletes can accidentally test positive for a banned substance," she said. As Boyle continues to represent Calgary in races across North America, she is now a spokesperson for athletes to be more conscious of their food and supplement intake. "So that they will exercise a lot more caution than I did," she said. Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli

BELLEVILLE Ont. (11/26/16) — Jordan Graham takes a breather while training at Loyalist Martial Arts Acadamy in Belleville Ont. Graham started out as a Muay Thai boxer and is now setting his sights on the UFC as a mixed martial arts fighter. Photo by Yader Guzman

3. SPTNovCGD02
 (25/11/2016) BELLEVILLE, Ont. - Loyalist College guard, Forest Maracle rushes past a St. Lawrence College defender to score a basket. St. Lawrence went on to win the game 66-47. Photo: Chris Donovan



BELLEVILLE, ON. (18/11/16) — Aidan Reil, 10, was diagnosed in Dec. 2015 with Gliomatosis cerebri, a rare form of brain cancer. Aidan has been on and off various forms of treatments since. After fighting through 30 minutes to take the chemotherapy pills prescribed to him, Aidan rest in his fathers home in Belleville Ont. Aidan goes through treatment cycles of 5 days on and 20 off before undergoing an MRI to see how the cancer is responding. During the cycle he cannot attend school as he himself becomes toxic and would put his classmates and teachers in danger should he become ill. The medications leave him weak and exposed to infection as the chemotherapy takes a toll on his immune system. Photo by Yader Guzman


(26/11/2016) Aman Parhar is an international student as Loyalist College who travelled from India to attend the school. The school has seen an influx of Indian students this year. Photo: Chris Donovan 

3. PRTNovCGD02
(25/11/2016) BELLEVILLE, Ont. - Andy Wu prepares his lure before casting into the Bay of Quinte on a cold and foggy night at Zwicks Park. Photo: Chris Donovan 

Comments: 1st was a clear winner out of this group. Good balance of face and environment with strong emotion. Very striking photo. One of my favourite images of the bay that I’ve seen. 2nd classic, clean headshot. A bit dark on the left, but it’s okay. Mostly black with a pop of red catches the eye. 3rd, had I not seen the much stronger version of this same scene in the Feature category, I might have initially liked this one more. Interesting moment that is shot close enough to hold up as a portrait. 


1) MPXNovCGD02 

2) MPXNovCGD01

Comments: You really like farms. The potato farmer story has some strong frames, but it strays a bit into the cliché. We want to see more emotion and motivation within the subject. Generally well-shot and composed, but the narrative doesn’t have enough of an arc. You won because you’re a strong photographer, but you need to spend more time with the subject to understand him better and build further trust. The Amish story is strange because you showed more meat than faces. That’s cool, but the lack of faces kind of makes it feel like a horror movie. Still, some super strong frames in here. That first image swept us off our feet. 

PS — Yader Guzman, why was your photo story filed in the Feature category? I see a lot of potential there. Maybe it’s not done yet and that’s okay. Keep working on it and you’ll win this category next time. 

OVERALL: I’m really impressed with the level of talent at Loyalist these days. Great job, all!

Updated Points 1,235 - Chris Donovan 980 - Vanessa Tignanelli 445 - Andrew Ryan 435 - Noah Park 275 - Yader Guzman 175 - Lori Christmas 100 - Taylor Bertelink 100 - Beatrice Serdon 60 - Raven McCoy Barnwell 50 - Liam Smyth 25 - Curtis O'Connor 10 - Aman Parhar Past Points 835 - Chris Donovan +400 720 - Vanessa Tignanelli +260 435 - Noah Park 385 - Andrew Ryan +60 175 - Lori Christmas 125 - Yader Guzman +150 100 - Taylor Bertelink 100 - Beatrice Serdon 60 - Raven McCoy Barnwell 50 - Liam Smyth 25 - Curtis O'Connor 10 - Aman Parhar


Points are awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Honourable Mentions.
1st place - 100
2nd place - 50
3d place - 25
HM - 10


OCTOBER Results for P.O.M

This October POM was judged by Mark Blinch (a freelancer based in Toronto) 

PUSLINCH, Ont. (16/10/16) - Carleigh Cathcart and Miss Jenny share a momomt of affection at the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada in Puslinch, Ontario on Oct. 16, 2016. The sanctuary gives a home to donkeys that have been mistreated or can no longer be taken care of by their owners and is dedicated to educating people on the unique caretaking of these animals, often the forgotten member of the equine family. Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli

Feature: 1st place has perspective on a nice moment. 

NORTH BAY, Ont. (10/10/16) - Lewis Tignanelli, 19, struggles every morning with anxiety, OCD, depression, a melatonin deficiency, and typical teenage insecurities after a rare few hours of sleep. He finds validation in the music he listens to, relating to those who use songwriting as their means of self-exploration. Lewis is feeling lost now but he is working endlessly to learn more about mental health, trying to help himself find a purpose and a reason to get out of bed every morning. Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli

 3. FEAOctVGT3
NORTH BAY, Ont. (10/10/16) - Giulia Tignanelli, 83, kisses the cross after completing her daily prayers with the rosary. A devout Catholic Italian, she believes that all things are in the hands of God. "Nel nome di Padre, di Figlio, e dello Spirito Santo. Amen," she whispers faithfully.  Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli 


News: This was the weakest category, 1st place does take it with a nice moment, but it seems its cropped too tight.1. NEWoctAPR1
PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY, Ont. - A Thai grape picker walks his bucket to empty it into a large vat hitched to a back hoe in Wellington on Oct. 25, 2016. This was the last harvest of the year for Norman Hardie Vineyards.

2. NEWOctCGD03
(19/10/2016) BELLEVILLE, Ont. - Police inspect a vehicle following a one-vehicle collision outside of Belleville. Photo: Chris Donovan 
TORONTO, Ont. - A priest looks towards the statue of Mother Mary as it leaves for Pearson airport at St. Mary's Church in Toronto on Oct. 14, 2016. The statue is a copy of the one made in Portugal after the miracle at Fatima was canonized. It was visiting parishes around the GTA in the month of October. Photo by Andrew Ryan


Sports: I enjoyed the moment in the 1st place photo. Well seen, and good idea to get eye level with the subject. Second place - cropped too tight, but nice light. 3rd - Solid action.

1. SRTSeptMBS2
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (06/10/16) – A member of the Loyalist Lancers Men's Rugby Team drinks water during their halftime game against the Fleming Knights held in Mary Anne Sills Park on Thursday, October 6, 2016. The Lancers went on to lose the close game 14-12. Photo by Beatrice Serdon, Loyalist College. 

2. SPTOctoberNP01
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (10/07/16) — Taylor Lemire of Loyalist Lancers Women's Soccer team jokes with her teammates before a home game against Cambrian College team at Mary Ann Sills Park. Photo by Noah Park.

3. SPTOctCFO02
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (06/10/16) - Loyalist Lancers and Seneca Sting rudby players battle for a throw in. Lancers lost the midweek game. Photo by Curtis O’Connor 


Portrait: In my opinion the strongest picture of the entire month wins first place. Love the mood of the frame, and the guy leaning against the car, and the look on the girls face inside. Well done. 

SHANNONVILLE Ont. (01/10/16) — Drivers wait for the track to open at the conclusion of a drivers meeting at Hallowbash 2016 drift event held at Shannonville Motorsport Park October 1, 

2. PRToctAPR5.jpg

SHANNONVILLE, Ont. - Zack Winhold drives through the camp on his way to pit-lane at Shannonville Motorsports Park on Oct 2, 2016. Winhold was nursing a finger he broke after having his wallet stolen and punching a wall. Photo by Andrew Ryan
 2nd place - Nice spot to shoot some action. 

3. PRTOctCGD01.jpg
(19/10/2016) BLOOMFIELD, Ont. - “My father was certain the tractor would never replace the ox,” said Garnet Northey as he plowed one of his field used to gorw hay for his cattle. Northey uses a tractor that he guesses is 50 years old. Photo: Chris Donovan 

Nice colour and composition for 3rd.

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (16/30/16) - Darryl (last name withheld) fondly remembers his deceased friend outside of the CIBC Bank where he worked in downtown Belleville. Donny could often be found smoking cigarettes with his friends and coworkers at this spot and will be missed by those who continue to take their breaks here in his memory. Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli

Multipix: Well done, nice compositions, colour, etc. However its the only entry in the field. 

750 - Chris Donovan + 85
535 - Vanessa Tignanelli  + 185 
385 - Noah Park  + 50
200 - Andrew Ryan + 185 
175 - Lori Christmas
100 - Taylor Bertelink
60 - Raven McCoy Barnwell 
50 - Liam Smyth
25 - Yader Guzman + 100

10 - Aman Parhar

835  - Chris Donovan
720 - Vanessa Tignanelli 
435 - Noah Park
385 - Andrew Ryan
175 - Lori Christmas
125 - Yader Guzman
100 - Taylor Bertelink
100 - Beatrice Serdon
60 - Raven McCoy Barnwell 
50 - Liam Smyth
25 - Curtis O'Connor
10 - Aman Parhar


Points are awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Honourable Mentions.
1st place - 100
2nd place - 50
3d place - 25
HM - 10

SEPTEMBER Results for P.O.M

This Sept POM was judged by Hannah Yoon (a freelancer in Kitchener-Waterloo, while also working as a freelance photo editor for Maclean's) & Justin Chin (a full-time photo editor for Bloomberg in Hong Kong)

General comment: Biggest issue was not putting the right images in the right categories.

Please feel free to share my email to anyone if they wish to discuss any of their work further, not just limited to POM pix. Thanks and good luck to the rest of the year! -- Justin (


BELLEVILLE, Ont. (09/15/16) — Three boys cycle and take advantage of the long Canadian summer on Cedar St., Belleville. Photo by Noah Park.

Should be cropped into a horizontal, but love the silhouttes. Don’t need that much negative space
 2. FEASeptemberCGD01
 FLINT, MI (18/09/2016) - A man sleeps in an alley in Flint, Michigan. An ambulance idles nearby as parademics keep an eye on the individual. Photo: Chris Donovan. 

We liked the perspective of this
3. N/A

KINGSTON (23/09/16) -  "Fear the Deer!" shouted the cadets of 12 Squadron Frasier Flight as they raced to their next station at the Royal Military College obstacle course on Sept. 23, 2016. Only once they have completed the course are the first year cadets officially recognized as members of the college. Said Deputy Cadet Flight Leader Liam Mercer, "After four weeks of fairly grueling physical training, inspections, team building, obstacle training, etc., the obstacle course is the last test for the first years before they join the rest of the cadet wing. It's very important to them as well as the staff as we spend a lot of time training them for this." Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli

We can tell the photographer is trying something different and there’s potential in the image but it isn’t quite a strong enough photo. It needs to be framed better. It would have been a strong photo without the rails.


1. NEWSeptemberCGD2
 FLINT, MI (17/09/2016) - Tammy Brewer, 54, has to shower with a case of bottled water due to the Flint Water Crisis. The National Guard left Flint in September and the federal state of emergency was lifted despite conditions remaining the same. Some residents are able to attach water filters to their shower heads, but Brewer stopped paying her water bill and her was was shut off by the city. Photo by Chris Donovan.

There were very few entries in this category. I think students are confused or unsure what is a news photo. We only chose one because it is the only news photo. The rest of the images were feature images at an event. Taking photos at an event does not mean it is a news photo. News isn’t an event that happens every year. This is why these images should be features. 


1. SRTSeptNP01
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (09/17/16) — Tafari Cole of the St. Lawrence Vikings fights off Eric Mallory of the Loyalist Lancers during their first men’s rugby game of the season in which the Lancers suffered a defeat with the score 46-24. Photo by Noah Park.

expression and intensity of the players is great. Be careful with the focus tho. The focus is on the words on his shirt and not his eyes.

2. SRTSeptNP03
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (09/17/16) — Victoria Pedro of Loyalist Women’s Rugby team flings off to the side as she tries to stop Hailey McLaren of St.Lawrence College Women’s Rugby team during Loyalist’s first game of the season. The game ended with a 84-0 defeat for Loyalist. Photo by Noah Park.

peak of the moment, action shot.
3. SPTSeptYAG5
BELLEVILLE, ONT. (18/09/16) — The Belleville Bulldogs under 16 womens rugby team during their intersquad prom dress game at Mary Ann Sills park in Belleville Ont. Photo by Yader Guzman.

Good action but needs more space to give the action context.

HM - SRTSeptNP02
BELLEVILLE, Ont. (09/28/16) — Ashely McDonald of Loyalist Women’s Soccer team dribbles a ball during a late afternoon practice at Mary Anne Sills Field, Belleville. Photo by Noah Park.

Good use of light, needs to be higher but can see s/he is trying. A different focal length could have helped as well. Try different spots.


1. PRTSeptemberCGD3
 FLINT, MI (26/09/2016) - Lamont Jones was born in Los Angeles, but his mother moved to Flint to work in the shops. Most of his family worked for General Motors or Buick. “I would love to live in LA, but it’s so expensive to live there,” he said. Lamont worked for GM’s Fisher Boyd Plant for 30 years. When the plant was shut down, he transferred to a plant in Detroit but he hated it and quit soon after. He is now a jazz and funk musician. “Those plants dumped some seriously nasty shit into the river,” he said. “I’m sure that’s what made Flint's water so corrosive.” Photo: Chris Donovan.

beautiful light. love it
2. PRTSeptLEC2
PUSLINCH, Ont. (09/25/16) - Richard Thornett is a 27-year-old pianist from London, England. Thornett’s musical talents have taken him all around the world as he has played for multiple cruise ships, mainly in Asia. Thornett says, “As long as I can play, I’m happy really.” He believes in the escapism that music allows people to feel. Photo by Lori Christmas.

simple and clean portrait. We know who this person is.
3. N/A

BELLEVILLE, Ont. (12/09/16) - At 16 years old, Evan Cliff was met with a desperate desire to express himself and ran away from home, finding shelter in abandoned buildings in Belleville’s surrounding forests. While living in Indiana in 2011 he experimented with drugs and became addicted to OxyContin and Oxycodone. After 2 years on the streets living in what he calls pure escapism, he returned home to face the responsibility of growing up on his own terms. He has since graduated both high school and college, and is currently nursing a talent for visual art and glass blowing. Photo by Vanessa Tignanelli.

this had a lot of potential. the light is great and he’s in the right spot. However, it should have either been a tight portrait of his face with some more expression or a wider shot of the whole space without cutting off his hands and legs


Belleville, Ont. (22/09/2016)- Hannah Young, 15."I dance to explore a different part of me."

 It’s a good attempt but the lighting doesn’t quite work with the image. 


1. MPXSeptemberCGD2b

solid story

525 - Vanessa Tignanelli 
400 - Chris Donovan
200 - Andrew Ryan
125 - Noah Park
125 - Lori Christmas
100 - Taylor Bertelink
60 - Raven McCoy Barnwell 
50 - Liam Smyth

750 - Chris Donovan
535 - Vanessa Tignanelli 
385 - Noah Park
200 - Andrew Ryan
175 - Lori Christmas
100 - Taylor Bertelink
60 - Raven McCoy Barnwell 
50 - Liam Smyth
25 - Yader Guzman
10 - Aman Parhar


Points are awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Honourable Mentions.
1st place - 100
2nd place - 50
3d place - 25
HM - 10